Über uns

Since 1992 Luther-Melanchthon Parish in Luebeck / Germany is connected with Igoma Lutheran Parish in Mwanza / Tanzania. Our parish is situated in a southern district of Luebeck . It has about 6000 congregation members. Luther Church is the sacral centre. It was built during the Nazi period as the only sacral building of that time in Luebeck. Therefore it is is under preservation order.

Karl Friedrich Stellbrink, one of the 4 ministers who died a martyr’s death by the National Socialists, served as a Pastor at Luther Church.

Igoma Lutheran Parish is situated in Igoma, a suburb of Mwanza. Mwanza is the second-largest city of Tanzania, situated at the shores of Lake Victoria. There are several sub parishes in different districts of Mwanza and mission congregations in the villages of Ikengele, Ihayabujaga and Kissesa outside the town.

Two  big church buildings and three small ones in the mission congregations belong to Igoma parish.

The congregation members in Mwanza come from all walks of life. The mission congregation members mostly are rural poor living by what they grow on their small farms.

Another important part of the partnership is East of Lake Victoria Diocese / ELCT which profits from the partnership as well. The head office of the Diocese is in Mwanza.

Our Team: In Luebeck a partnership group is engaged in partnership work, in Igoma the committee for partnership deals with partnership work.